Anonymous asked:

Hey Wayde. Big fan of your stuff. If one wanted to have a scar done, how would one go about contacting you to set something up? Do you have an email you can be reached at?

Hey.. thanks :)

Yeah i can be contacted at

kickingpixies asked:

Hi, I absolutely adore the art of scarification and your work in particular is especially spectacular! I was wondering how you actually do it though. I've never actually looked into how it's done, so I was wondering whether you cut out and actually remove sections of skin or whether it's done differently?

Thank you :)
There are a couple of basic techniques that are used for scarification of this nature.. Flesh removal involves removing areas of tissue to create a wider surface area of scar tissue, but most of the time it is just a single cut that is made to form a line. The depth and width of each line is carefully controlled by manipulating surrounding connective tissue.
Hope that clarifies some stuff.


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vncyeti asked:

You are an amazingly inspiring artist. I've been following your work for years and I've seen some truly amazing art done by your hands. Most of what I've done has been done with the intent of being temporary, but I hold myself to permanent standards

Im glad i can inspire people with my work. Thanks for following my journey so far :)